Bangkok to Koh Tao

This is what we were trying to get to – Koh Tao. An island paradise, and a few days of r&r from all the travel.

Getting from Bangkok to anywhere in Thailand is quite easy. Tour agencies everywhere in Bangkok! We got a joint ticket that covered the train, transfer and ferry to get to the island.

We started by getting on another train from Bangkok to Chumphon

Second class on the train, not too shabby! First class was all sold out, so buy tickets for this leg in advance if you want first class comfort 🙂

Looking out the window. (That’s not how our train looked, fyi)

Arrival at Chumphon, at 4am!

A bunch of zombies got off the train, and were shepherded by an industrious entrepreneur to a cafe cum sitting area. After all of us were seated, and had our backpacks off, and were settling in, we were in for a bit of a shock. The enterprising aunt walked around asking every single person to buy something, else they wouldn’t be allowed to sit there! Begrudgingly, most people agreed – we were all too comfortable to argue.

We then got on our 6am buses, that transported us to the ferry terminals

7am ferries out of Chumphon

Bonus: Amidst all that chaos, you get to catch a sunrise!

The ferry, that was just a bit too cold.

After about 3 hours (we took the slow ferry, unfortunately) we got to the island..

.. and were greeted by its 50 shades of blue

The last, painstaking leg of the transfer to our resort – a short ride and we finally reached our little piece of paradise 🙂

Travel facts
Cumulative cost of travel so far
GBP: 3,130 plus EUR: 1,308 plus RUB: 43,765 plus USD: 508 plus SGD: 990
Second class sleeper train, Bangkok to Chumphon, plus ferry to Koh Tao (Joint ticket) – 53 GBP (for 2 pax; approx 2900 baht)
Booked the day before travel, from a travel agent at the Bangkok train station.
Note that 1st class tickets for this leg tend to sell out

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